Monday, April 30, 2012

Food For Thought: Smoothie Packs

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Food For Thought: Smoothie of the Week

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Holy of Holy'

Hey Dolls,

So I have a confession to make. I have really been slipping on my deep conditioning as of late. I’m talking once a month MAYBE. *Gasps* I know I know but in my defense since I’ve been using terressentials mud wash my hair hasn’t really felt Super dry. 

I think one of the major reasons I’ve stopped DC’ing is because I haven’t found a deep conditioner that really makes anymore of a difference to my hair than my Yes to Carrots conditioner. So I was like why not eliminate the extra step? And save the extra $$

I would however like to step up my DC game for the summer, because I will be wearing my hair out a lot more, and experimenting with new styles, and I don’t want any setbacks!

I have been experimenting with a new deep conditioner and I think I’m in LOVE. It’s a variation of Naptural85’s Greek yogurt DC and it has already been promoted to the Holy Grail list. I am also in the process of looking for a store bought HG deep conditioner (because sometimes I get lazy) so for those of you that aren’t into mixing your own products stay tuned for that.

Here we go.

I always deep condition on dry dirty hair.

This mix adapted from Naptural85.

½ Cup of Greek(I bought low fat by mistake but it worked just as well) Yogurt
2 tablespoons of Oil (I’m using EVOO today, but I just pick whichever oil is handy at the moment)
1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
10-20 drops of tea tree oil ( to stimulate growth, help with dry scalp and mask the smell)

Now you want to try to not get this on your scalp because the smell might linger on long after you’ve washed it out, but I didn’t have any issues with that.

Now I’m an airhead and I didn’t take any pics of me applying this mixture but I apply it in the same way I apply everything which is section by section. I also started at the ends and worked my way up.(Don’t let it touch your scalp, or try you best anyway)

When you’re done cover it with a plastic cap and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. You can leave it on as long as you want. I think I left it on for about 45 min.
wet hair before I washed

after washed and 85% dry

This DC left, my curls stretched and hydrated. My hair has never felt softer! I think this will be good for relaxed heads, transitioning and color treated heads because it has just enough protein without being over powering, and it helps you hair to retain moisture. The best part is, you probably have all the ingredients already in your house.

Try it.
I dare ya

Daily Tea Inspiration


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NOTD: Blue Leopard Loving

Featuring China Glaze in Electric Beat and Shower together. Sinful Colors Hottie

Monday, April 23, 2012

<3 9/8/2012 <3

I thought I would share a few engagement pictures with you guys impart because I love them and also impart because it was a great hair day!!!!

Girls Weekend Haul.

Hey Dolls,
This weekend my very bestest friend came to visit. Even though she was only here for the day it was really nice to have someone to laugh, and bullshit with. We spent what little time we did have doing what we do best. Shopping and drinking.

The Drinking

The Shopping

Nail Polish thinner from Sally's

Elf Mist and Set(I ran out of Fix Plus so I figured I'd give this a shot)

Caring Coral: Not as opaque as I thought it would be :/

Smooch Proof: Perfect, going to buy more ASAP!

Femme Couture Gliter Liner in Blue: Not as much glitter as I'd hoped

China Glaze Coconut Kiss: Perfect Purple!!

China Glaze In the Lime Light(Neon) Love the color, wish it wasn't so sheer!

Cute Contact Case!



Monday, April 16, 2012

NOTD: Pink Ash

China Glaze Smoke and Ashes with Sinful Colors Bali Mist on top.

These cell phone pics aren't doing it justice but it's amazing!

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

NOTD: Spoiled/ Black Mamba

An opaque gunmetal color.

Spoiled Nail Polish, China Glaze Dupes

Hey doll's
SO I just spent an hour tying up a well informed review of Spoiled brand nail polish and comparing some of them to China Glaze, and then my computer decides to shut down and blogger deciedes not to automatically save anything but the FUCKING TITLE!!! So instead of the well informed review that was originally planned here are a bunch of pics. Hopefully I can upload them before I throw my laptop out of the window.

Left is Black Mamba, Right is The Parking Meteor Expired

Black  Mamba

The Parking Meteor

China Glaze Hunger Games Dupes

Spoiled Orange you Glad Vs. China Glaze Riveting

China Glaze Smoke and Ashes vs. Spoiled The Parking Meteor...

Sorry for the half ass post, I just can't bring myself to re-write everything :/. 


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Side Braid.

Hey, Doll's Here's a very easy to do protective style perfect for those times when you just don't have the time to co-wash/twist/wait/untwist/fluff/pin/etc Hope this helps xoxo Erika

What a Difference a Year Makes..

Hey Dolls, Here is my very long overdue 1 year Nappy update. I know what you are thinking, but Erika you big Chopped in February and it's April. Well, what had happened wasss......... Ok long story short I was being lazy. I learned a lot about my hair last year and I hope to continue to learn even more this year.My goals are simple, keep my hair healthy and don't be so quick to grab the scissors. I also would like to experiment with styling my own hair more now that it's finnally "long enough" to try some of those amazing styles i've seen all over youtube. Anyway enough chit chat lets get to the good stuff. I went from this (Feb 2011)
to this(dec 2011)
and now this(April 2012)
Here's a look at my loose hair From this(Feb 2011)
to this (Dec 2011)
and now this (April 2012)
Here are some of my favorite protective/low manipulation styles Wigs
BOx Braids
Kinky twists
Phony Pony