Friday, December 25, 2009

Model Model Cupid...

New hair, I love it. its a glamours everyday kinda style. I got it in a color 2 which matches my hair perfectly. It is a syenthic wig but you can use heat up to 350 degrees, (of course my cheapie flat iron doesn't have a heat setting, but all and all its a nice wig.. here's April's video on it. Let me know what cha think...

Caleb's new Ringer

Sunday, December 20, 2009

R.I.P. Brittany Murphy

we loved you in clueless...
you will be missed

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

While Browsing over ay Esty...

I found these babies...

got an extra $30? CLick HERE!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Updated Reggy...

Ok so the cold weather has been a real pain in my backside lately. I have finally grown my hair out from my stupid hair cut, and now this weather is drying my hair out like crazy. Since I am trying to avoid setbacks at all cost i've decided to be proactive. here's my new Winter Weather Regiment.. (oh and i really liked my hair cut, just not the fact that it was cut into 50 diffrentt lengths, it made the grow out longer than ir needed to be, plus the back is still shorter than the rest :/)


Ok so I am switching to a no manipulation reg. I am going to wash once a week NO MORE CO WASHING.

on wash day i will pre poo, wash/dc sit under the dryer so my hair can dry to about 80% then do 10-12 small french braids.

Each night i will use my rose water, aloe vera jucie, peppermint oil spritz to moisturize my hair and scalp, and apply my MN in between each braid. then put my scarf on for bed

each morning I will re spritz if needed and put on my wig as usual.


So much love

Found a New Website...

My bff Star just told me about it last night. I only looked at the shoes, but it has clothes too, its They have some cute styles for cheap! I think the most expensive pair I saw was like $40(red thigh high boots). You cant beat that at all. They have all kinds of shoes, but I fell in love with the boots..

p.s. when buy inexpensive shoes there is a good chance they will hurt you feet. NEVER buy cheap shoes and wear them out on the same day. Break them in. Do dishes or clean or just wear them around the house first, because your feet will hate and have you ever seen a girl in the club walking like her feet hurt? NOT a good look!!

check em out

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hey Dolls,

I know its the 11th of DEC, but I finally go around to taking my starting length pics. I have noticed a lot of new growth in these first 11 days but since I was slacking on taking the pics the final results my not be as impressive as they could have been.

Last night, after one to many Margaritas with Chana, I decided to flat iron my hair. Now I don't quite remember what my thoughts of the iron was, and also i got lazy and didn't finish the top so ya i will have to save the review for the next time i use it which won't be until my next relaxer which is in Jan,and even then i will probably just do a roller set, but the back of my hair neve turns out quite right cuz its still so short, so i may have to flat iron it down. (sorry i'm rambling its 7 am and i have to work at 9)

Anyway here are the flicks... (I was drunks lol)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Flat Iron...

Hey Dolls,

Just picked up a new flat iron. It was an implus purchase while I was at work, but its a cute color and it was only $20. It is a Remington Cool Style iron and although its not the nicest iron out, it will do the job. There are no heat setting which sucks, but I don't plan to flat iron very often so its good for me. I would suggest spending a little more on a better iron if you plan do use it often but I really just needed something to help with length checks. I plan to try it out this weekend so I will post pics of the results. I picked up the Fanatsia IC Heat Protector Serum, the pink bottle, so again I will let you know how I liked it.

So Much Love

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

30 Day MN Challenge...

I know I was supposed to be working on the next installment of Love story, but I had to work over, so instead of trying to thing back, I am taking the lazy route. I have been slacking with my MN, i.e i haven't been using it at all, but for the entire month of Dec, I started on the first, I will be using MN atlease 5 of the 7 days out of the week. I am already seeing some growth and its only day 8. I will take a starting pic tmrw and i will post the results Jan 1. If I can stay consistant, my prize will be a heat pass. Haven't touched a flat iron since July and I have been itching to do a poroper length check. I'm being lazy I know, but I will do a proper post on this tmrw. So sleepy...

Country Roads..

I am really missing home today. I thinks it's all the holiday hoopla. So glad i moved, just missing my Family. Just thought i'd share. I work till 6:30 then I am going to try really hard to get the next installment of Our love story up.

and So much Love

Monday, December 7, 2009

It feel so good to be Bacck!

Sorry for the impromptu hiatus. I'm back now. I've missed you...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hava a Baby By Me Baby...

Not a huge 50 fan or a huge Neyo fan but i Love Love this song.. Oh is new ablum is in store now, Before I Self Desturct..

Finally something half way decent.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Chris Brown on Wendy Williams

Yes I watch Wendy, and I love her. Chris Brown debuted his new video Crawl. The video is dumb, Cassie is in the video, but it's still kind of wack. I guess it's supposed to be about redemtion or whatever, but leave it alone, just make a dance record. You were wrong it happend lets move on, the more you remind us of it the more we hate you.

I was a little dissapointed with Wendy, she is know for being outrageous, and she let Chris off easy. The video was longer than the entire interview. I can't believe I missed my nap for that crap...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My First ever Staple Product!

Ok so I don't have very many, let me repgrase that,ANY staple products in my regiment s o far. I am trying to Curb a slight case of Pjism so I don't let myself buy any new products until I run out of something. Well if you saw my haul video then you know I recently purchased a new DC. I usually don't review products after one use, but THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!!!

My hair has never EVER been this soft and moisturized. I never used the Matrix Biolage, but everday on my lunch break from Target I spend a good 10 minutes creeping the hair product aisles looking for something to buy, try, or read up on and I always paused at the Biolage, I just could never bring myself to spend $25 on one bottle of conditioner. so when I discovered the GVP I had to try it. The ingredients are Identical adn AMAZING...

Water (Aqua), Propylene Glycol, Myristyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Cetearyl Alcohol, Decyl Oleate, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance (Parfum), Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Hexyl Cinnamal, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Hydrastis Canadensis (Golden Seal) Extract, Fucus Vesiculosus (Bladderwack) Extract, Methyl-2-Octynoate

If your in need of a staple DC it's worth a try, only 6 bucks.

so much lovve

Our Love Story pt 6

After the night of debauchery that was Homecoming I felt a little like Cinderella. The clock struck midnight and I went back to life as usual. I was so mad at myself for not exchanging phone numbers with Caleb, but there was always facebook. So I did something that was completely out of character for me, I added him as a friend. In this millennium that’s the equivalent to me asking for his number, so I felt confident that since I made that first step, he would surly confess his unwaving love for me right then and there. All I got was a ‘what’s up”. But I could read between the lines so I replied with. “Not much, what’s up with you”. That was it. Honestly nothing else for weeks. Then one day I logged on and had a message in my inbox, he FINALLY asked for my number, I of course obliged. Things were really starting to look up.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bag it

As you know keeping your hair moisturized is a key component in having long healthy hair. A quick and easy way to add moisture back into the hair is to baggy. There several different ways to baggy you hair depending on the length and degree of dryness. For a short haired Doll like myself I would recommend trying this Simple 3 step Method.

1. Moisturize
2. Seal
3. Apply plastic conditioning cap

This method allows the moisturizer to penetrate the hair, leaving it feeling soft and moisturized. Try leaving the cap on for 30 minutes at a time; once the first 30 minutes are up then check to see if your hair has reached your desired moisture. If not, leave it on for another 30 minutes, just be careful because leaving it on too long may cause your hair to become over moisturized and mushy feeling. Here’s a visual…


Monday, November 9, 2009

New Carmex!!!

Saw an add for this in the new Us Weekly..

I love Love Carmex. I think EVERYONE, man woman or child should always have a lip balm with them at all times, who doesn't like soft lips? Carmex is my balm of choice and I was so pumped to learn that they came out with a new, girly looking version. I thought strawberry flavor was a good as it was gonna get. Can't wait to try this stuff, hope it works like my old faithful, but I will let you know...

Lovin Right Now...



Chrisette Michelle ft. Wale

Kings Of Leon, heard this on One Tree Hill, and fell in love, never heard it again and now its everywhere...

I <3 Taylor, DAMN YOU STAR!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lazy day

Hey Dolls'

I been a bum I know, but this week I will be better about posting. I have a haul video coming and also I am gonna Swag Jack Dita Von Teese. Plus I have another Spring RTW fashion show to review, and of course another installment of Our Love Story.

As far as my hair goes, I have been trying to change it up a bit. I heard about so many women who have used protective styles to grow their hair but then once it's long, and they try to wear it out it breaks. Since I plan to start wearing my hair out more come the first of the year I've decided to start getting it ready. So my plan is to rollerset every other week. So on the week that my hair is in the roller set I will moisturize, seal and wrap my hair every night, then in the morning take it down and put my wig cap on. I know it's not the same as wearing it out but atleast this way it's slowly getting use to the manipulation.

On my no roller set weeks I am going to go back to my trusty french braids.

It's a start, I know I am going to have to master a lot more low manipulation styles, but you gotta start somewhere.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Roller set miss step...

Hey Dolls,
Just a random post. Today was wash day, and I did my scalp pre-poo, then washed and conditioned. Then I attempted to do a roller set. I wanted to cry. I seemed like it took forever. My arms were so sore and i only got about 3/4 of the way through before I wanted to give up. I finised, and I was so proud of myself, but then dumb me I didn't sit under the dryer long enough so it didn't come out right. Which is fine because I am still wearing my wig but I was a little dissappointed because i worked so hard on the D@amn set, and it could have been so great, had it dried all the way. Anyway, I got some much needed roller setting practice I can't complain to much. Here's how it came out lol.

So Much Love

Our Love Story pt 5

I was pleasantly surprised when I turned and saw it was Caleb. He had basically ignored my existence ever since my first night at Muskingum. Even that night the only thing I got from him was a hey, when I first arrived to Star’s house, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t secretly hoping for this moment since the first shots were poured. There was something different about him than all the other boys. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew he was something special.

So of course I danced with him, it was the last song of the night, well the last fast song anyway. I was in drunken bliss as our hips swayed to T-Pain and Baby Bash, Cyclone. I still to this day get goose bumps when I hear that song. I guess part of me knew right then and there at that moment that in his arms was where I was always meant to be.

Anyway after the song went off we went our separate ways, back to meet up with our friends to figure out who would be driving and where everyone is riding, but this time as we parted ways, I knew I had him.

Once we all got back to Star’s house we drank a little more, laughed about the nights events, and a few people, I won’t name any names, even got sick. After Chrysta cleaned up Corey’s barf ,oops, everyone settled in to try and get some rest. Caleb and I snuggled up on the floor and that night we had our first of many late night chats. I was too drunk to remember anything that was said, but I do know that I felt comfortable telling him anything.

Once everything wuited down and I finally passed out. I wake to star tapping me on the shoulder at 5:50 am, “Can you still take me to work?” WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY did I drink so much? I had to get home and get ready for church anyway, so I jumped up and gathered my stuff and left Caleb laying there, knocked out. I never even got his phone number. Oh well on to the next…

I want YouR Body Like rIght Now!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nov. Hair Goals

Hey Dolls,

It’s time for my November goals. Caleb was here and his visit went great, but it also showed me that I really still have a long way to go on this healthy hair journey. Like I said he prefers my real hair so I wore it out while he was here, but I never realized how hard it is to style and care for your hair on a daily basis. It’s so easy for me because I keep it protected 100% of the time, I have to re learn how to care for my hair when its not under the wig. My plan is to only use wigs for stretches come the first of the year, so until then I am going to practice my low manipulation styles.

First up is roller setting. My goal for this month is to roller set atleast 2 times. I tried it once and actually getting the rollers in was a bitch, but it actually came out really well. I figure since my hair will still be above my shoulders by January, roller sets will probably be my best friend.

I also need to find a good way to sleep at night. I have always hate wrapping my hair, and it really isn’t the best method, but I am not sure if my hair is long enough for a cross wrap. I found a few different video’s on youtube, I just wish some of these ladies had short hair so I know if it can work or not. That is why I started this blog, because yea it’s good motivation to see ladies with long healthy hair, but I always want to know what they did to get there.

Anyway, I as well as learning how to style my hair, I am also trying to be more consistent. Since I started my second job, I have barely felt like doing anything, and my hair and fitness are really taking a backseat. I almost never take my supplements and I have to make myself moisturize and seal. I don’t workout anymore at all lol, and I just feel like an all around bum most of the time. So this month I am going to try to step it up a lot.

Other than that, all is well with me. Hope you are enjoying “our love story” Look for it every Thursday.

So much love

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Found some pics! The collection hits select stores on Nov. 14th

Mario, and RIRI, even worse than before

I wanted to do some songs from Mario's new ablum, but the only one that is really worth mentioning is this one which didn't even make the ablum. The entire CD itself isn't bad, its just very not anything spectacular. Its a good R&B cd, but it doesn't have that wow factor. It's so hard to compete with Trey right now, so unless it's fire, then don't even bother. I will say that I love Breakin Up, but i'm sure you've all heard it like 1,273,992 times so I'm not even gonna post it.

RIHANNA, THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!!!! WE LOVE YOU BUT YOUR MAKING IT HARD TO REMEMBER WHY!!!!!! This sounds like it was produced in somebody's basement

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Apple Cider Vinegar

Hey Dolls,
Sorry I’ve been lacking on the health and beauty stuff lately, but this should make up for it. I was surfing the internet the other day and I came across a lady’s blog, I don’t remember which one, and she said that she uses Apple Cider Vinegar to lighten up dark spots on her face. AVC rinses are also a great natural scalp cleanser. All of this got me to thinking, what else can I use it for? So of course I did some research and here’s what I found.

My Top Ten
1. Helps fight dandruff, and clarifies the hair. Dilute ½ cup vinegar with 2 cups of warm water and pour onto hair after shampooing.

2. Helps prevent yeast infections. 1 TBLS of ACV and 1 Quart of warm water

3. Cure the hiccups, so annoying, 1 TBLS of AVC

4. Takes grease off of suede.

5. Brightens clothes and helps prevent them from attracting lint. Add ½ cup
to the rinse cycle

6. Mixing 2 TSP AVC with a glass of cold water daily helps aid in weightloss b/c it can help prevent fat from accumulating in the body

7. Mixing 2 TSP of AVC and water after each meal can help prevent acid reflux

8. Drink some apple cider vinegar in water, with honey added. This concoction can help calm a queasy stomach.(hangover cure)

9. Combine 1 cup AVC to 2 gallons warm water. Soak feet for 45 minutes then pumice to remove dry skin. Instantly soft feet

10. To clear up respiratory congestion, inhale a vapor mist from steaming pot containing water and several spoonfuls of vinegar.

Also remember Apple Cider Vinegar is a brownish color and it is supposed to have chunks floating in it. Always be sure to buy the all natural AVC, which is basically just fermented apple juice that turned into cider, that was fermented again and now its vinegar. Hope this helps

So Much Love

Friday, October 30, 2009

Get to your Nearest H&M

look what CHana sent me...

yes that's right now you too can afford a great pair of Choo's Get there early so you have pleanty to CHOO'S from.. Sorry i had too, anyway I'll post some pics of the actual CHOO'S later(last one i swear), right now i gotta get to work..

So Much Love

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Georgina Chapman for Marchesa, Sring 2010 RTW

Marchesa Spring RTW line is full of dresses fit for the Oscars. I love how feminine the clothes are. It a collection filled with beautiful and inspirational dresses. I doubt I will have an occasion to ever where any of these lovely clothes but I wanted to share because the clothes are so inspirational. The colors the cuts the materials everything about Marchesa makes me happy. So without further ado…

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Love Story pt 4

I was the next last to arrive at Star’s house that night(only Abby and her Friend Birch were missing), and ironically, the only one ready. When I first got there I felt a little out of place, being that I had only met these boy’s once before and how much did I really know about these guys anyway? My mom was right, I never think before I get myself into these situations. I just knew I was destined to be one of the victims on an upcoming episode of America’s Most Wanted. Since Star and Chrysta were still trying to decide what to wear, we were all held up in her room going through her closet, while the boys sat in the living room taking pictures and drinking Jungle Juice.

Once Star got dressed I had no choice but to go join the rest of the party. Five boys ended up coming in the end, they were Caleb, Corey, Brennen, Darrell, Dennis and Romey. I made Star get my first cup of Jungle juice, and after that it was all downhill.

Abby arrived about 3 cups in, and I somehow found myself in a drinking competition with Romey. He thought he could out drink me, don’t he know who I am? Anyway, once the party was all there, the drinks started to flow, and everyone started to loosen up. After a lot more drinks the 11 of us split up into 3 cars and headed down the hill to the dance. I rode in a car with Birch and Abby and Darrell and I can remember if we had Dennis with us or not, but that could be because of all the bottom shelf Vodka I had already consumed.

The dance itself was much like any high school homecoming the only difference was this one served alcohol, not to mention almost everyone in attendance, had a bottle of something or another hidden in their purses or pockets. Overall it was a great time. We didn’t see much of the boys until the end. As soon as we all got in they went their own separate way, RUDE I know, but I didn’t care I was drunk and they didn’t come to see me so I still had a blast, dancing and drinking out of random people’s liquor bottles. Towards the end of the night however we all slowly started to come back as one big group, and that’s when I felt someone grab my arm…

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dry Scalp Pre-Poo

Hey Dolls,
Sorry it's been so long, but I'm back with my dry scalp pre-poo.If you hadn't already guessed it, you can not have long heathly hair, without first having a healthy scalp. So once you've got your regiment, and your protective style, and you understand balance, the next thing you have to do is get your scalp in fighting condition. I am gooing to explore this topic over the next week or two, because I too have a dry itchy scalp, and I am interested in learning more ways to combat the problem. my dry scalp pre-poo is one major weapon in my battle against dry scalp.

I got the inspiration for this from Tracyee from KISS. I was using her pre-poo, but it didn't quite work for me as well as had hoped it would so I tweeked it alittle bit, and came up with a great combination of conditioner and essential oils that have really transformed my scalp. I relaxed last Sunday, so now my scalp is screaming for some lovin' so here's what I did...

oh and here's Tracyee's orignal recipe, if your scalp is dry, but not as bad as mine (it's the second post on the page so you have to scroll to the bottom)...

so Much Love

Bali Girl

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Hey Dolls,
Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday, Caleb is here lol. He's in the shower right now so I am sneaking a quick post. Everything is going well. I never realize just how much i miss him until he comes back. Today we are going apartment hunting and then to the batting cages, and tonight i'm making my famous tacos.

Other than that all is well. My new wig came so i'll do a video on that, and also I bought a pair of shoes that i wanna show you, so be watching for that. My hair is doing great, it has grow so much since i got it cute in July, and I am finally able to experiment with some low manipulation styles. Caleb hates my wigs, so this weekend I am wearing my real hair, and although its hard not to reach for my flatiron, i think i am doing a great job. I did a rollerset and a braidout and I think I might use my heat pass for tomorrow only because we are going to Bennihana's for his birthday. I might just put on a wig though and he will have to deal, I will take some pics of whatever I do

so Much Love

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Amber Rose you are NOT!!!

But still a nice try..

Look what I found On Mediatakeout....

can't wait to see this video...

Spring RTW DSquared2

The first designer spotlight will of course be my all time favorite Dsquared2. Love them, so I figure why not start there. I think I am going to do 10 in all so if there is a designer in particular you would like to see, let me know.

Anyway the Spring Dsquared2 show was all about the great outdoors, complete with trucker hats(hope they do not come back) 40’s( yes that’s right 40 ounces of beer ) and Band-aids. Although some of their concepts can be very literal, its always fun to watch what they send down the runway, and its always a hit, to me at least. I think Dsquared2 are a very young and hip line. It is not stuff your mom would wear, but for me, a 22 year old girl who loves to take fashion risks, it is a must. Now of course as with most shows, they are just that, a SHOW, so you have to not so much focus on the outfit as much as the individual pieces, here are some of my favs.

We already know about my love affair with brown leather, but also these flannel shirts are so popular right now, i'm sure we all have one or two in our closet at this very moment.

love this silver dress. perfect "going out" dress. its fun and its flashy

Chanel Iman with a 40, need i go on?

This is why I think their clothes are wearable, but in a good way. Its a plain look, but it has that something special that Dean and Dan can give..

last but not least, a dress.

There were a lot of fun things i wanted to post, but I didn't want it to get too pic heavy. If you wanna see more go over to and check out the rest of the show!

So much Love Erika