Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mini(literally) Fragrance Haul

Ok so, two things 
1. Every time I go to WalMArt/Taregt/Walgreens/CVS i have to swing past the clearance end cap in the beauty dept. I mean most of the time you find junk but every once in a while you can find a gem.

2. If you find that gem. YOU MUST BUY IT.

Now thats how we find our selves at todays post. While browsing said section I came mini bottles of perfumes that were under 5 bucks!!  Yes you read that right they were under 5 bucks. Now they had 4 different scents, but only two of them caught my eye. Enough babbling here's what I got.
sorry for the crappy pic

Mariah Carey-/Forever---gardenia, dewy green apple, lotus blossom, tuberose, exotic woods, neroli, white musk

Halle Berry/Halle--Fig, pear blossom, cashmere musk, cashmere musk, bergamot, sensual amber, freesia, mimosa, ultra mimosa, hibiscus, driftwood, sandalwood, olibanum

These are  great for summer and I surpassingly like them both. I'm kind of picky when it comes to scents so I was hoping I would be able to wear at least one of them, but for 4 bucks I figured it's only really a loss if I don't buy them.

So moral of this story. Always check the clearance bins