Friday, April 30, 2010

DD: Beyonce Cochella

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I instantly fell in love with this Look the moment I saw it. It was probably something to do with the Chanel Boots...

Most of the stuff is from Forever 21 so that you don't have to pay a million different shipping rates.

Forever 21 $15.80

Forever21 24.80

Forever 21 7.80(Beyonce has a belt, but I like the jean chain better)

Karmaloop 33.95 (I know it's a lot for a hat, but I love the rose detail on the side you can cut cost by wearing a pair of jean shorts you already own, but the hat is the one of the outfit staple's without it you got nothing)

Journey's 149.99 (any combat style boot will do, but again with the roses)

B also has on some simple bangles and a long necklace, which I'm sure everyone has already, so I didn't think I needed to add them


Just discovered this new website and I wanted to share with you. Its kind of like Karmaloop, but it's smaller and has a vintage section! Here are a few of my favorite things

1 week Bun update..

Hey Roadies,

Just wanted to updated you ladies on how the switch from wigs to buns is going. I am still trying to get the hang of styling my hair. The good news is that I haven't giving up yet lol. I started my week in my sock bun. I really like the sock bun, but since I don't have any silk or satin socks, I can't rock it everyday. Then to ease up on some of the tension I switched it up to this.

Since I wear a hat everyday to work the location of my bun basically stays the same, but I also try to wear pigtails or just pull the bun way off to one side. I have noticed a bit of breakage but, I think that was from wearing the sock bun for 3 days before I realized that it was probably drying out my hair. I have also been wearing my satin scarf under my hat so that my hair isn't rubbing up against it. I am determined to be SL by July so I am going to start a new vitamin regimen and also kick my water intake to over drive.

Oh I almost forgot, I did a braid out yesterday. I didn;t wait for it to dry completely so it got frizzy after a few hours but I was really happy with the out come. Although this style doesn't so off my progress at all I still think it's a cute carefree summertime type of look. I acheived this with 8 braids.

Tonight is date night for Caleb and I so I'm not sure how I am going to style my hair but I will be sure to take lots of pics.

So Much Love

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shea Butter Mix, Take one... Epic Fail

Hey Roadies,

So for those of you who follow me on twitter know, my Shea butter came in the mail on Monday. I was so pumped to try something new one my hair, because since I started my stash project I have been stuck with the same products. Not that that's a bad thing, but every once in a while I like to change it up a bit.

Anywho I had this grand plan to show you ladies how I mixed it and it just did not work at all.

First I tried mixing it in the blender, NO BUENO.

Then I tried to whip it woth a fork, again BAD IDEA.

So finally I heated it up with some hot water then mixed it in a sandwich bag... It worked ok, but I'm not really going to post what I did because I dont really think it will help anyone lol. I will review it in a few weeks, and until then if you are intrested in how to mix shea butter, youtube it.

So Much Love

Oil Guide: Proclaim Natural 7 Oil

What it is.
Proclaim Natural 7 Olive Oil is an Oil mix with a list of uses as long as it’s ingredients. It’s a multi-purpose oil enriched with olive oil, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil and other natural botanicals.


Hair Uses and Benefits
-Hot Oil Treatments
-Adds shine to hair
-locks in moisture

Other Uses
- bath Oil
- helps with dry skin
- softens cuticles
- massage oil

My two cents

I wanted my next entry in my Oil Guide on Proclaim Natural 7 Oil because my bottle is almost gone. It’s not my favorite hair oil. I think it’s too thick and greasy for my hair, and at least for me it caused some build up. I do however like it for my skin. I usually put it on fresh out of the shower at night and it leaves my skin soft and moisturized in the morning. I also put it in my bath water and it makes my skin SO SOFT. All in all it’s a crappy hair oil, but a great skin oil. I probably won’t be re purchasing it though, just because so other oil’s that I already use give me the same results

Monday, April 26, 2010

Updates: Use up my Stash, Summer Hair Plans, DD

What's up Roadies
Just thought I would update you on a few things.

I know I haven't updated my use up my stash in a min, but that's because I am still tugging along doing the same things I been doing. Nothing new to report. I am almost done with the Proclaim Natural 7 oil and the Mane an Tail. The Aphgee and the Bio Silk are a different story. I might have to make some amendments to the challenge because I have a feeling I will be rockin with those too all summer. The new rule is that I will be aloud to replace things that I don't have a back up for in my stash already. Meaning I am almost done with every single moisturizer that I have ever had, and if the Shea Butter doesn't work out I will need to buy a moisturizer. I am not allowed to buy any hair products on a whim, there has to be a need in order for me to purchase.

As far as summer hair plans go, I want to focus on learning how to wear my real hair and still retain the same amount of length I got with my wigs. I plan to do my own little bunning challege and wear a bun, or some sort of protective style 5 days a week, and on my weekends I am going to work on perfecting my braid outs, bandu knots and rollersets. The worry with bunning is that I want to make sure I don't cause breakage with my buns. Its hard for me to change up the location of my bun because I have to wear a hat to work everyday. For now I have just been making sure to take my bun down as soon as I get home and just try to move it as much as possible. I will post pics of different idea's as they come to me.

I am also hoping to reach full SL by mid-July, so I am going to step up my water and vitamin game as well. Other than that my regimen is basically staying the same.

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Last but not least in this infinite post, is my new series DD. As you know the theme of my blog is basically about my life as a road trip, but I am trying to make it more cohesive, so the Oil Guide, is kind of like mapping out all the Oil's I've tried, and now DD or Delicious Dupes is going to be bringing high fashion to you with an affordable price tag. I know I have been slacking on the fashion lately, just because I have been so consumed with nail art and natural hair for the last few months fashion has take a back seat(see what I did there lol). Anyway, that's all the updates I have for now

So Much Love

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shea Butter...

I know that I am not supposed to be buying hair products, BUT I had an amazon gift card, so I ordered some Shea butter. I plan to use it for both my skin and I might try it out on my hair too. I honestly just bought it for my skin, then once I placed the order I was like 'Oh shit idk how to mix this stuff up.'

So to make a long story even longer, I went on Youtube to find some shea butter mixes, I will share my mix when I actually do it, and I realized that most of the mixes were used for hair. The only thing that makes me reluctant to try it on my hair is that mostly natural's use it. I have found some relaxed heads that use shea, but mostly in the winter for an extra moisture boost.

I am not sure exactly how I am going to use my shea butter, but I will keep you posted. I hope my hair likes it thought, because I like using more natural products, I think my hair responds so much better to them.

Qoute Of the Day!

"When real love hit's you, you can't do nothing but the right thing with it." Brandy and Ray J's day

I Want to See This

Common looks amazing and I'm a sucker for a corny love story

Don't Forget!

Basketball Wives tonight at 10 on VH1

DD: Oxford Loubs.

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I am loving Oxfords at the moment. My heart aches for these Louboutin studden Oxfords.

Click Here to SPLURGE!!!

But since I'm not ballin out of control, I found these nice Steve Maddens(sans studs) that will suffice

Click Here for the STEAL

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hair Talk.

Hey Dolls,

Just wanted to take a moment to talk about my hair. As you know I ended my stretch one day shy of 15 weeks. My goal is to stretch for 18 this time, not relaxing again until the end of August. I am pretty sure I can do it, because this stretch was a breeze. The only real reson I relaxed was because I was getting antsy to start trying out some new styles, but I didn't want to cause any breakage while I was in my stretch.

Anyway I am in love with my hair right now, so much so that I decided to stop wear wigs. Well on an everyday basis, but I will still be rocking them for going out and stuff, which I hardly ever do. My whole plan with the wigs was to wear them until my hair was long enough for a decent looking bun, and I am basically there now, soooo I am giving them up.

My hope is to bun 5 of the 7 days a week,like Tracyee's bunning challage on KISS, and then on the weekends, or for me Thursdays and Fridays, wear my hair out. I will keep you ladies posted on how that goes and I will also be taking some pics of my buns incase you're interseted.

So Much Love

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I believe everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they're right, you beleive lies so that you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I was getting bored with my Real Hair so...

I cut out some bangs...

I know what you're thinking Yes I am still trying to grow my hair out, but in the mean time I still want to be able to enjoy the sucess that I have had. I kept the long enough to swoop to the side incase I regret cutting them later, but I wanted to go a little shorter. I think this high bun will be a great look for the summer, and tmrw I want to try bantu knots. Until then...

So Much Love

My New New Shit

Basketball Wives Sundays at 10 on VH1

Relaxers... 10 Things I Hate About You..

1. I Hate the way to make my hair feel like you killed it, even though it was never alive to begin with.

2. I hate that I can't sratch my scalp or you will make me pay.

3. I hate the way you felt that on time you got in my eye. It really FUCKING HURT!!

4. I hate that your so taboo

5. I hate that yyou burn my scalp.

6. I hate the way you smell

7. I hate that you come in SUPER. Really? Who needs a SUPER PERM HUh WHO?

8. I hate that you come in kiddie boxes. WHY oh WHY do parents, MOM, think that just cuz a little girl is on the box, that it's ok to use.ITS NOT OK, MOM. Put the perm down and step away from my sisters hair.

9. I hate the way you chew up other wise beautiful women's hair.

10. I HATE that I don't know how to quit you.

Product Review:Vitale Olive Oil Sensitive Scalp No-Lye Relaxer

What's on the Label:
This newly improved Vitale Olive Oil Sensitive Scalp Conditioning No-Lye Relaxer is specially forumulated with olive oil and coconut oil for double nourishment and protection. Olive and Coconut Oils add shine and body to the hair. In addition to less scalp irritaion, this kit conditions hair during every step of the relaxer process. The special Chelating Shampoo eliminates the chalky build up associated with no-lye relaxer, the Hair Manyonnaise replenishes the hair with vitamins and proteins ans the Leave-in Conditioner moiaturizes, detangles and protects the hair from thermal styling tools.

What's the Real Dookie..

Ok lets start off with the Relaxer itself. It comes,as most box relaxers do, in a tub and you have to mix the activator in. I was hopeful that this product would be great because its a couple bucks cheaper than the ORS and I really like the insrtuction guide(i always read the instruction guide no matter how many times i've self relaxed. I like to know nothing has changed.) Anyway the guide was amazing it even had a section on healthy hair.

I know its mostly pushing Vitale's other products, the info is actually right.

But moving on. I applied the relaxer and I worked it in, total processing time 18 min, which is the maxiumim for course hair in the booklet. The only reason it takes me so long is because i'm slow with the application.

Geesh I keep getting off topic. Anyhow I noticed that this relaxer didn't make my VERY Sensetive scalp burn on contact, which amazed me because I have used sensitive scalp everything for YEARS and never once did a realxer not burn me.

As for the rinse out it left my hair feeling much like any other relaxer, so dead and unloved :/. I will say this got my hair is bone straight with no scalp damage that I can tell as of yet. I don't know if thats do to my improving application, or if the relaxer is just that good, but I was impressed, even though I was starting to like my hair being slightly under processed.

Once the relaxer was all rinsed out I used the Hair Mayo to put some protein back into my hair. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!. I think it comes in every box, but it's marketed as a free sample, which is fine with me as long as they keep putting it in there.

It has a thick consistency and left my hair super soft and detangled. It's not a super heavy protein which I love, because I'm not a huge fan of protein anyway, so it works just fine for me, And it might even be replacing my knock off K-Pac as my mild bi-weekly protein. The only down side is that it smells like grease and I HATE the way grease smells yuck.

Then I neutralized. I have to admit the shampoo was pretty moisturizng. Other than that it is pretty much like any other neutraliziing shampoo I've tried expect for the fact it took me 3 washes to get a good lather and even then it wasn't great. Not that that makes me hate this kit as a whole, I do prefer a good lather when I shampoo.

I didn't use the leave-in and I don't really plan to. I compared the ingredients on the back to my LTR and it wasn't even close, so I will stick to LTR thank you.

All in all this kit will with out a doubt be me new relaxer. My scalp pretty much dictates what goes on, in or around my head and She is telling me that Vitale is a keeper! Look for an updated staple product post in the coming week.

So much Love

oh and I am itching for my use up my stash to be over so I can run out and buy some more Vitale Products, until then 1 down 4 to go...

Happy Earth Day!!!

If you don't love the planet your with LOVE the one you LIVE on..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flaws and All

Hey Doll's
It's been awhile since I just blogged about life. There is so much going on right now and I just feel so blessed. Caleb is FINALLY moving to VA and it feels like everything I have hoped for in the past 9 months is happening. I am excited and nervous for him to get here because it's all I've ever wanted, but at the same time I can't help but wait for the other shoe to drop.

Caleb is great. He is everything I have ever hoped for and then some, but can I be everything for him? I know he loves me, but part of me worries that once he's here he is going to wake up one day and realize that I am just Erika. I am flawed and insecure and at times tempramental. I know its crazy, because no man, well atleast not Caleb Devon, would up am move so far away from ome for a girl he isn't 1000% sure of. I know this is kind of random I just needed to confide in someone.

So Much LOve

Oil Guide: Coconut Oil

What Is it.
Coconut oil is a widely used cooking oil in most tropical countries. It is a soild oil with a melting point of 76 degrees. It is also well know in the beauty industry for its usefulness in hair and skin care. It also helps maintain cholesterol and stress levels making this an all around miracle oil. Coconut Oil also has many soothing properties which make it an ideal oil to add to your rotation.

Hair Uses and Benefits
-Helps re grow damaged hair
-scalp messages(sooths dandruff and dry scalp
-added to or in place of condtioner for shiny stronger hair
-great to seal in moisture

Other Uses and Benefits
-used for massages to help ease stress
- great out of the shower moisturizer
- helps prevent signs of aging
- helps aid in weightloss(try cooking with it)

My 2 cents
There are 7 million ways to use coconut oil so much so that I haven't even began to tip the surface. I want this little guide to be a starting point to your oil journey, but as with everything you must do your own research to find out everything you want to know. With that being said I LOVE COCONUT oil. I use it as my sealing oil and I mix it in my DC's. I also use it fresh out of the shower and I have definitly noticed an impact om my skin.

Qoute Of the Day!

Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, April 19, 2010

Under Construction!!

I am playing around with my layout so please bare with me!!!

NOTW: Black, White and Red all over

I was slacking and forgot to take a pic of what I used but all really need is Red, Black and White polish.

1. Paint Nail Red

2. Paint half of your nail black at an angle.

(it doesn't have to be perfect just free style it.)

3.Paint a white line to separate the 2 colors

I rocked it like this for a day then I painted over it with the black. I felt like it was a lot for me but if you like it that way then go for it!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

PSA...Don't Sleep in Your Contacts


Seriously DON"T DO IT! I thought I would be fine. I been wearing contacts since middle school, nothing bad will ever happen right? WRONG!!!
Don't say I didn't warn you..

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogposts..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Trip to Sally's

Hey Doll's
Just wanted to share my trip to Sally's with you. I was in need of some DC and I got a new relaxer. Other than that it's a pretty boring/small haul since I am not allowed to buy hair products right now.

I got my Sally's GVP conditioning Balm of course. I ran out a few weeks ago and I was using my Kithen Sink mix to DC with, because, Sally's really isn't that great when you can't look around and try new stuff. Anyway since I knew I was going to do a protein treatment this week I wanted to do a good DC aferwards, and I have to say I fell in love all over again with this concitioner.

I also got a new brand of relaxer. I have been using ORS brand No-Lye Relaxer, but I was being cheap so I got this one Instead. Vitale OliveOil relaxer. It's 6.99 and 6.89 with your sally's card. I never heard anything about it but, I did read some pretty positive reviews on I will do a full review on it next week. if it goes well it will be my new relaxer of choice. I like the ORS but this ne is 2 bucks cheaper so I figured it was worth a try.

The Last thing I got was a pack of toe dividers for when I paint my toes. I didn't really NEED them but I had to buy something unnecessary right!

So Much Love

p.s. sorry for the laziness of this blog. I have an eye infection due to over wearing my contacts so I didn't really feel like taking pics. The one thats one here is one I sent to Caleb.

Egg on My Face...

Hey Doll's
So as you know from my Updates post I plan to relax next week. I will be exactly 16 weeks post. I am really proud of myself for stretching to 16 weeks, but I am also disappointed in myself forgiving up, because this stretch was such a breeze I know I could have gone longer, and I probably wont be as lucky nexy go round.

Anyway enough rambling. Since I am relaxing next week this wash day is my pre-relaxer wash day so that means it's heavy protein time! My protein treatment is simple, and many other lasies use the same method so I won't go into to much detail, but I will show you what I did.

First I started out buy bagging for most of the day. My hair isn't very protein friendly so I try to balance it out as much as possible.

In the actually treatmeant I only use 1 large egg and enough of Kitchen Sink to cover my enitre head and mixed it all together.

After it was all mixed up I set my timer for 25 minutes. Once again since I a leery of protein I don't let it stay in my hair very long at all. I settled on 25 minutes because it usually takes be about 10-12 minutes to apply it then I like to let it sit in my hair for another 13-15 minutes to let it do it's magic.

*When applying you might want to put an old towel on the floor because it can get really messy*

Once the timer went off I jumped in the shower and rinsed the Egg out with COOL WATER (hot water will cook the egg).

Once that was all out I Clairified and Deep Conditioned for about 2-3 hours and I did a AVC as my final rinse.(here is a list of my staple products)

Now I am basically gonna leave my hair alone until next Friday.

So Much Love