Monday, June 20, 2016

5 (and a half) Tips to Length Retention.

(May 2015)

People use to always ask me what I used in my hair to make  it grow. It tripped me out because although my strands are thick,  I've never had "good hair".   Before learning how to care for my hair I assumed  that damaged and broken off hair was just my cross to bear.

It wasn't until my early 20's that I  even thought about trying to grow out my hair. Since then I have spent countless hours testing and researching every tip, trick and easy hair fix under the sun. I've taken all the vitamins, tried all the techniques, I even mixed yeast infection creams and other kitchen concoctions all in an effort to get my hair to grow faster.

After putting in my 10,000 hours, I've learned that the rate that my hair grows isn't the problem> My problem (and probably yours too) was with retention. It doesn't matter how fast your hair grows if it is breaking off just as quickly. The best way for your locs to prosper is to focus on maintaining the hair that you have. Unless there is an underlying medical reason, most people have a growth rate of about 1/2 an inch a month. That's 6 inches a year! Bitch do you know how much 6 inches is?!?!  A lot of these miracle vitamin and creams might get you an extra inch a year, but as for me and my budget, the results don't justify the cost. I'd rather spend my time and coins keeping my hair happy and healthy. That's the only way it will thrive.

Here's what I learned:

  1. Be Consistent! Set a regimen and stick to it. You can adjust it to fit your hair needs as often as that changes, but  you need to be intentional if you want to see results.
  2. Wrap it up! Bonnets, scarfs satin pillow cases. Use them Every.Single. Night.
  3.  Deep Condition! It forgives all hair sins. Do it weekly
  4.  Be kind to your ends! Protective  and low manipulation styles are great for this. This one is hard for people sometimes but if you are trying to maximize retention than you've got to find some styles that you like, that are also gentle on your hair. PUT THE FLAT IRON DOWN! Braidouts, twistouts, braids, buns Rollersets, wigs, sew-ins.
  5. CUT IT! I know this seems counterproductive but if the ends are split you gotta get rid of them. There is no un-spliting ends, THEY ONLY GET WORSE. I don't subscribe to the trim every 3 month notion, but I do think it's important to keep the ends of your hair healthy. I normally cut spilts when I see them, and dust when I feel like my knots/splits are getting out of control. 
Bonus tip for relaxed heads.  Stretch your relaxers!

Hope this helps!

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